Meet Our Raleigh Team: Earl

Where are you from, Earl?Earl
Born and raised in Raleigh

Have you done canvassing before?
I have not, but I love it!

Why do you think people should vote?
I have a lot of friends who are not eligible to vote due to decisions they made early in their lives. I really want people who are eligible to exercise that right. It’s one of the only ways to get your voice heard on both the state and national level. We have an opportunity to make a decision for our government, and this is especially important on the local level.

Why do you think people don’t vote?
I think too many people don’t have the right information on how to register or how to vote, or they don’t have the ability to access that information. Others don’t feel like their vote is going to help or that it isn’t important.

Meet Our Raleigh Team: Mia

Where are you from, Mia?Mia
Washington D.C. originally but I’ve been in Raleigh on and off for the last ten years

Have you canvassed before?
Not formally. When I was in D.C., my father worked on Capitol Hill, so I did spend time up there, volunteering and speaking on behalf of causes close to my heart (namely issues around early education and children).

Why should people vote?
If you don’t vote, you can’t complain, especially when it comes to  social issues.

So, why do you think people – especially those of the Rising American Electorate – aren’t voting?
I think that people are losing hope and faith in our government leaders. Sadly, there seems to be more fighting amongst themselves than actual legislation passed benefiting the American people.

Meet Our Raleigh Team: Mark

Where are you from, Mark?
High Point

Have you done canvassing before?Mark
Yes, during the 2008 General Election

Why do you think people should vote?
People should vote because it’s a right, not a privilege. Our country has designed a system where we get to choose who are our leaders.

So, why do you think people choose not to vote?
Some people tend to see the government as a system rather than feeling a part of the process. Issues that affect our lives – especially for young people – like a bad economy, student loans, can impact how people view the political process. I want to help change the perception that our government is a separate system but rather our government is the outcome of the values we – as voters – want to be reflected in the decisions they make.

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