Turning 18 before or on Election Day 2016? Then you can vote in the primary!

Turning 17 may seem less exciting than the birthday that came before (sweet 16) and then becoming an adult at age 18. So, we have some great news to share for you soon-to-be-adults: you have the opportunity to exercise your voice in Election 2016!

If you will be turning 18 on or before the November 8th General Election, you can vote in the primary on March 15 (or vote early starting March 3). You will be able to cast a ballot in any of the primary elections (sorry, you don’t get to vote in any bond, referenda, or certain local run-off races).

You can register to vote during the One-Stop Early Voting (March 3 – March 12). You will be asked to complete a voter registration application (you can print one out ahead of time here) and show proof that you live in that county. You can bring a current and valid photo ID or a document that has both your name and your current address (it has to be something within the last two months: report card? standardized test?)

Don’t be left out, 17 year olds. Get into democracy now and prepare for a lifetime of voting, all starting in 2016!